Third Party Reviews

Daryl Vetter | December 12, 2018 |

"Good cut. Not a long wait."

Jason N. | April 03, 2016 |

"Received the best hair cut ever today. It was my first time so I received a free upgrade to the MVP cut. This what the MVP package is after your cut they give you a Tea Tree shampoo in a massage chair with a hot towel face wrap( I almost fell asleep) then they finish it off with a nice shoulder massage. They have me hooked. Gloria took excellent care of me and gave me a great cut! Thank you Gloria."

Daniel Torres | December 10, 2018 |

"If you need a haircut, go to a barber. Chances are, you'll probably receive a better haircut. This is a HORRIBLE place. It was my first time there and I will never return. If you are debating whether you should visit this place for a haircut? I suggest you dont!!!"

Alvin A. | October 15, 2016 |

"After checking in and waiting for 20 minutes I noticed they were calling customers back who checked in after me. When asked the young lady shuffled the receipts and said "you're next." Nope, not me. I really thought this was a different place, but if I want to be treated like this I might as well go to the crappy barber shops that offer the same disrespectful service for a lot cheaper. You lost a customer today, I don't pay to be disrespected."

Cassie S. | October 16, 2017 |

"I'm not sure how anyone can judge an entire store by one haircut. Anyone can have an off day, we are all human. But this doesn't mean the store is bad. Everyone in this SportClips tries their hardest to go above and beyond to please their customers. Which means if something is off on your haircut, you can always go back in and have it fixed. But in my experience, that has never needed to be done. My fiance will continue to stay loyal to this store and get great haircuts. Try the MVP, you get it for free the first time and it's great! You get a shampoo and they massage your scalp with a hot towel on your face. They also use a massager to get your neck and shoulders which is awesome, no other store we've been to does that!"

Karina Paz | December 01, 2018 |

"My husband comes here all the time and he really likes this place. He believes it's a reasonable price for the hair cut, service is good as well. One thing I just saw reading the reviews was that who ever is replying to these unsatisfied customers is not applying "customer is always right". Of course some of these people are making things up, but as someone who is trying to keep customers coming back you have to apologize and seem like you care because it really looks like you're not taking responsibility for a bad review. Everyone makes mistakes and some may not be made up. It just makes this company look like you're not on the customers side even if they're wrong, but hey what ever works for you. My husband will most likely keep coming back because he likes this place. He hasnt had a bad experience here yet and I hope he never does."

Joe C. | November 29, 2018 |

"After not having a day off for 34 days, I definitely needed a return trip for my son and I to get our hair cut by Kristiana. If you're looking for better than the best of the best, she's the one! After helping battle the wildfires, this was such a relaxing haircut. Kristina once again comes through in the clutch. Men's cut or kid's cut, see her if you want to be happy with your hair."

D. Bullett | November 17, 2018 |

"Aesthetically picturesque, large flat screen TV's everywhere; similar to a sports bar but without cocktails and wings. Waaaay overpriced for a simple haircut for an 8 year old ($22) . The haircut took 17 mins total and was shoddy; any untrained person with clippers could have accomplished the same results. Perhaps it was an awful haircut because we walked in without an appointment but YIKES. I tipped $2 because the girl that cut his hair tried to initiated conversation with a gabby 8 year old, albeit awkward at least she tried. I'll never visit this place again merely because the haircut was simply bad, it looked as if it had 2 weeks of growth from an appropriate haircut. Don't waste your time, go elsewhere!"

Adrian C. | July 08, 2017 |

"Took my boys and I for a cut we all got different barbers. All three ladies did a decent job on the haircuts. 2 out of the three girls had minimal customer service skills and the other one was just lovely. Since it was our first time there the gave us the MVP cut which included hair wash, head massage, and back massage. The boys enjoyed that. Prices are a little high but no more than cost cutters. All in all I'd recommend and if go back."

Sheila Sanchez | November 15, 2018 |

"Nice service"